Welcome to SmeebleShop!

Welcome to the SmeebleShop

Shopping for apparel is one of the toughest things to buy, and even tougher online. 
I started this store because I have been buying clothes online for years and I have learned how to make it work, without wasting a tone of money.  And this is what I want to pass on to you!

My best starting out tips are these:

  1. Know your measurements, in inches and centimetres
  2. Know your body type and what flatters your shape
  3. Know what colors and fabrics work best for you

I have included recommendations in each description to help you chose the right styles for you.

Above all else, you should always wear what makes you feel comfortable!



This is Smee:

According to digital research, most people will just scan through the photos, but on the off chance that someone reads this, I am Smee, short for Lisa-Marie, thank you for reading my comments!  You are making the world a better place.