You are not an Apple!

A few ladies have told me lately that they are an Apple Body type.  I had to laugh a little as one was very clearly a Busty body type but was being a little hard on herself because of a little bloating....  It also doesn't help that a lot of apparel in North America comes from Asian suppliers that consider size 8 a 'Plus Size'.  I am a Size 10-12, which is actually the average size for a female my age in Canada, but I have had to order items that were 2-4XL. 

I don't want this to turn into a rant, but since I am already begrudgingly using the term 'Plus Size', I want to clarify the measurements that reflect your body type.  I have never met a female that was perfectly Spherical so I do not have a shape for that.  Diamond would be the closest to that type, but make sure to measure the smallest part of your waist and see if it is at least 2 inches higher than your bust or your hips measurements. Then I encourage you to measure lengthwise to see if you are short-waisted or high-waisted.  The right Shapewear can fix this and make a huge difference in how certain styles will fit your body.  

 Here is a quick Calculator that you can use to find your 'body type'.

Here is what I find most interesting about this data. The hourglass or 'ideal' body type is only about 8% of the population and the 'apples' were only about 14%.  That means that most clothing was designed to fit only 8% of women.  Now that we have spandex our clothing can be much more forgiving.  And that is where I come in, I am on a mission to find clothes that fit everyone and still allow you to look great AND be comfortable.  

See our Infographic on SmeebleShop's Fit Types and look for these symbols when you are searching through our products:

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