Tips on How to Measure

Tips on How to take your Measurements

It helps if you have someone to help you measure so that you can stand upright and relaxed while being measured. 

  1. Measure from one Shoulder Seam to the other.
  2. Measure across the Bust at the largest section.
  3. Make sure that you measure at the smallest part of your waist and not at your belly button.
  4. Measure your hips at the widest part.
  5. Dress Length should start at your Shoulder seam and then go to just above the knee. This will be more of a reference point for how long your dresses will fit. 
  6. For Pants, you should also measure your largest point at your hips as well as your 'high hip', which is just over your hip bone.  


Other Notes:


You are generally considered Petite if you are shorter than 5’3”.

Long and Tall females are usually over 5'7".  

You should also take note of your waistline.  If the smallest part of your waist is hitting you more than 2 inches above your belly button you might be considered ‘High Waisted’.  That could affect the fit of certain styles.  (See Blog on Shapewear for more tips). 

A lot of our products are coming from Asian suppliers so don't be shocked to find that you may be considered 'Plus size'.  I am a fairly average girl and often have to order XL or larger.  This is something that I am working to change but these things take time!  If you see me use the term 'plus size' it will generally be in quotation marks.