Tips for the Short Waisted Figure

 As a woman who recently graduated from Social Work, I would be lying if I said that I haven't spent the last 4 years in a variation of stretchy-pants. My clothing style has alternated between 'this is the only clean item I have' to business casual goddess for the days when I was in practicum.


I have always struggled to make the next big fashion trend work for my body. I remember 10 years ago when t shirts were a strange length between a long shirt and a dress. Nowadays that sounds cute, who doesn't love a good t shirt dress but, for someone who has a 3-inch-long waist this is not a flattering trend.


Being born to a woman with Corgi length legs, I was graced with these long, elegant get away sticks... BUT THEN ended up with a Corgi length upper body! Thanks mom.


Mastering the Art of the Shirt Tuck

It has taken me hours of googling, asking for a friend, and attempting horrific combinations to find ways to dress to flatter this spider of a body.  The trend of loose fitting tops and blouses had made it difficult to find a flattering style.


I find myself constantly tucking the front of my shift into my pants which helps to draw the eye up to my waist that typically disappears due to having to buy a shirt to fit my breasts and not my waist. I find that when I tuck my shirt I look elongated, and the tuck also does a great job at hiding my adorable love handles.


There are many ways to tuck your shirt into your pants but I found that spinning the front and tucking worked best. Another trick is to pinch off the base of your shirt and use a clear elastic to section it off and tuck that part inside the shirt or into your pants. BOOM, Hello waist where have you been hiding?!


Have fun with fashion and never feel scared to try something new, unless you're thinking about trying some hammer pants.... we should let that trend go.


Happy tucking :)


Some Other Short Waisted Tips:

  • Always wear a bra that fits. This makes the torso look way less awkward. Especially if you are blessed with a large bust
  • If you are wearing a longer fitted style top, the end should hit you right at the hip bone, this lengthens the torso and flatters the hips
  • Long Jackets will lengthen out the torso whereas short blazers tend to shorten the body and make you look wider on top, Classic Spider body


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