Some Winter Must Haves!

No one looks sexy when they shiver. In order to keep our Smeebleshoppers warm and cozy while still looking fabulous, here are a few must have for the Winter 2019 season. 

Winter Fur Lined Snow Boots!

Our Winter Snow have wool lining, Plush fur lining and soft Velvet Inner lining.  They also have weather resistant rubber with heavy grip treads.  

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Warm Winter Leggings!

If you tend to wear a lot of skirts or tunic dresses in the cold these Lined Leggings and Tights are great for keeping warm.  I came across these by accident and what a great find!

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Long Cardigans!

Long Cardigans are my favorite winter item because they are so versatile.  

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Over Knee, Thigh High Boots!

These are also great for Leggings, tunic dresses and skirts. We have options with winter lining and various types of heels.  

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