Reasons to Use Shapewear

Reasons to Use Shapewear

  1. Smooth out any lumps and bumps

Even if you are not a Bubbly Body type, you can still have a few lumpy bits that need smoothing.  Certain types are better for this than others.  If you are needing coverage through the back and thighs, a bodysuit will provide great coverage.



  1. Move your waistline up or down

This is an interesting one;  Some body types have a higher waistline.  Mine, for example is about 3.5 inches above my belly button.  This becomes really pronounced in a Fit and Flare dress or an A-line Style.  This is where a Cincher is a great option.  It can take the definition of your waist and move it down to where most styles have a natural waistline.  Even in a Bodycon dress moving the waistline can really improve the look of this dress.


  1. Lift your booty or Bust

If you have larger assets in these areas, some added support can be really helpful.  It is amazing how much stress you can take off of your back and joints just by adding a bit of support. Look for UnderBust bodysuits or panties with a Booty reinforcements.



  1. Improve your posture

Cinchers can act as a back brace in order to force your posture.  Anything with shoulder straps will help to the pull the shoulders back and lift the bust to take some of that weight off your back. 



  1. Smooth out that Ponch Belly

One of the most stubborn areas for most women to lose weight is the lower belly under the belly button.  This is usually hormonal weight gain or post-pregnancy excess skin and tissue.  If you need extra support in this area, I recommend a bodysuit or a strong cincher with an attached panty.  Cinchers with a Hook and Eye Closure off the most support and usually come with products that durable strong fabrics. 

This is one of my absolute Go-to products:



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