Organizing Your Clothes for Speed

Just in case you are not the Marie Kondo type. Here are a the top organization tips that can help you get ready super quick:

Start at the bottom... with your shoes!

Having all of your shoes visible on a stacked shelf will give you a good visual of what you have. If you have a lot of shoes, you probably tend to wear a few at a time and might even forget some in the back of your closet. Having them stacked almost like a book case helps you scan thru and pick what you need to match the weather and the level of comfort that you need that day.

Shoe Shelf

File your pants!

This was one of my best space savers as well as making it easy to scan for the pair of pants that goes well with my shoes. The trick is to fold them up the legs then in at the crotch seam so that they stay together even if you move them around. Then you can stack them sideways so you don’t have to dig to the bottom to see what you have in your drawers.

File your Pants

Hangers are easy but roll ups are fun!

Another way to save you from digging around in your drawers is to roll your tops and t-shirts into a slim roll-up and stack them upright. Make sure to make your roll-ups tall so that you are using all of the height that you have available in your drawers. This also frees up space in your closet to hang those items that you want to keep from wrinkling.

Sweaters are Tricky

The way to fold your hoodies and long sleeve sweaters is a bit more tricky. So we just did a step by step, set of photos for these! The key is to fold them as flat as possible into a rectangle that fits into your drawers or shelves to make the most room.


Sweaters and Sweatshirt Organizing


How to Fold:

Sweater folding 1

 sweater folding 2

sweater folding 3

sweater folding 4

Sweater folding 5

sweater folding 6

sweater folding 7


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