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Listen, I know you are reading this article wondering if I have the magic bullet for being able to wear clothes and look amazing.  And, spoiler alert … I do have it.  But I guarantee you that it’s not what you think.


I worked as a personal stylist for years and I have dressed hundreds and hundreds of women.  Here is one thing I know for absolutely sure: There isn’t a woman alive that doesn’t have at least one body hang up and doesn’t question what looks good on them and what doesn’t.  Let that sink in for a few minutes.


You want me to tell you what is going to look good on you.  But you also want me to tell you what clothes are going to transform the way you actually look.  Because there are parts of you … or maybe even all of you … that you don’t think are good enough.


Working as a stylist, what became glaringly obvious is that we need to work on what’s going on in our brain before we can be ok with what we put on our bodies.  Now I’m a Certified Life Coach and that’s exactly what I help women do.


Here’s what I want to ask you… what do YOU like wearing?  Why do you like wearing it?  What don’t you like about wearing it? 


Answering these questions will bring you a lot of clarity about what’s going on with you, your body image, and what’s hanging in your closet.


Next ask yourself: What do I want to wear?  Why am I not wearing it?


Here’s what I often hear from my clients:


  • I just need to lose some weight first
  • I can’t pay that for a piece of clothing
  • I only wear black because it’s slimming
  • I don’t like showing my legs
  • I don’t like showing my arms
  • I need to hide my belly
  • My neck is too long
  • My neck is too short
  • My legs are too short
  • The list goes on …


I imagine some of these might resonate with you … and if not … you likely have something similar.


Here’s what I would like to offer:  The first step to having clothing look good on your body – is to accept your body.   It’s not about looking smaller.  It’s not about hiding your flaws.  It’s about starting the process of accepting how you actually look – right now.


Start loving how you look today.  Not 20 lbs from now, not if you were taller, not if you were younger … love how you look TODAY.


In the mean time – go out and figure out what you actually LIKE in clothing.  Experiment.  Try high-rise jeans on, try a lower rise, try a few different brands.  See what you actually like or don’t like.  Have fun – experiment!  You are not the problem when clothing doesn’t fit you.   The CLOTHES ARE!


So let’s circle back.  Here is the magic bullet to finding clothes that look amazing on you:


  • Learn to accept and love your body the way it is today
  • Go shopping and try clothes on
  • Experiment and have fun


Sound simple?  It totally is.  Easy?  It might not be. 


Worth it? 100%




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Amanda Hess is a Certified Life Coach.  She works with women to stop doubting themselves and learn how to stop giving a shit about what other people think.
If to stop doubting yourself, be sure to take a listen to her podcast!

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